so yesterday in madrid:

2 cathedrals

1 egyptian temple

1 royal palace

2 art/house museums

1 trip to taco bell

2 failed attempts to see monastaries

1 botanical garden

1 vertical garden

i think a.v. and i can officially be considered a power couple now.

"I bought chocolate because I was sad"
"I stopped reading Harry Potter freshman year (of college). Getting laid so much kind of got in the way."

just a few a.v. quotes from this week

"I think we have our priorities in this relationship straight: if we’re going to have sex, we have to leave time for pastries" -on pursuing other activites before going back to the local bakery for the second time that day

"it would be like a birth announcement, only without the baby" -on sending his mom a card letting her know we have in fact had sex because she seems intent on finding out and also tonight wished us a "good sleep… or something"

Nikon COOLPIX S8100
Paris with A.V.!

Paris with A.V.!

"[while discussing the high cost of vibrators] For the price of that, you could probably get a cheap Nokia phone and just call yourself all the time!"

5 days

and then a.v. is back for a few weeks! it’s crazy the time went by so fast. i’m so excited to see him again not via a skype screen and to be in the same time zone again :)

Not a day goes by that I don’t remind myself how lucky I am to have you in my life.