I just got hit on in Sears today when I was looking at coffeemakers with a friend.

I mean, of all the places to be hit on. I’m really not a girl who even gets hit on, so that made it extra awkward. I’m sure he was a really nice guy (and in retrospect, he was very attractive), but it was just uncomfortable.

Basically, here’s what happened:

A.P. and I were looking at Keurig coffeemakers, talking about how she’d be likely to buy the one with the star on the base just because it had a star on it. I see a guy in a polo looking at me and smiling across the aisle, so I naturally smile back. Then he comes over and pretends to be looking at coffeemakers by us and goes, “That dress looks very nice on you.” (by the way, I’m wearing a skirt and top)

So me, being the awkward girl I am, respond, “Uhh thanks?” and speed walk the fuck out of there with A.P. As I’m walking away, he goes: “I’m just saying….”

Granted, he was dressed really nicely and it wasn’t a suggestive comment or anything, I’m just so not used to being hit on, so it was weird for me. Maybe I’m overreacting. Actually, I know I am.

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